Friday October 20, 2023 919.285.9057

Capture the Flag

Are you Ready for the Storm?

StormCTF will once again be hosting the Capture the Flag event at InfoSeCon! This page will be updated frequently to reflect changes in the competition! Stay tuned.


Prizes (except the Spot Flag Challenges) are non-positionary. This means that the place you take determines the turn you take to choose your prize. If you come in first place, you get first pick, second place gets second pick and third gets what’s left.


IMPORTANT: The following steps are to be done PRIOR to arriving for the event.



  • VMWare Fusion (Or PRO) Trial
    • VMWare Fusion PRO is recommended if you purchase one.
    • VirtualBox is NOT Recommended
  • Kali Linux Virtual Machine Installed
    • Importing a VM into Fusion
    • Please be sure you are able to access the internet before finishing your setup.


Kali Linux

If you installed Kali Linux as your main OS on your laptop, you’re good to go!