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After Dark

The Scene

When: Friday October 25, 2019 from 6:00pm to 9pm (immediately after the InfoSeCon)

Where: Downtown Raleigh Convention Center

DJ: Did you think we’d leave you hanging?
Great Food: Heavy Appetizer
Networking: After a day full of learning, give your brain a break. Use this time to network with new faces that may help you make your next sale, lead to your next career, or just make a new friend.

CTF Continues

StormCTF will once again be hosting the Capture the Flag event at InfoSeCon! This page will be updated frequently to reflect changes in the competition! Stay tuned.


In addition to the above prizes, KDisperse is a new storage platform ready for the market. They have worked with StormCTF to build an event long spot challenge. If you are successfully able to capture the flag within their application in the network, a $2000 award will be yours! Terms and Conditions apply. Click Here for more info on KDisperse.

VR Event

The Next Tech Student Showcase is a diverse team of students working to promote future technologies to all students and the greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro communities. Using a variety of tech, these students are creating content to introduce new technologies to their peers and neighbors. The Next Tech team is currently sharing VR (virtual reality), Spheros, MakeWonder coding robots, Google Cardboards, 360 media, 2D games, MergeCube AR, and more with other students and in community showcases. In addition to sharing these technologies with our local school and community members, we have also taken the Next Tech Showcase on the road. We are excited to return to InfoSecCon for a second year. We look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Hands-on event

Makeblock Codey Rocky Programmable Robot (Led by Tweens & Technology)

In this session, attendees will build various styles or robotic arm tanks, triangular tanks, ball launchers, etc… Using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, students will program the robots to complete various tasks.